CEO Message

Currently, there are high levels of hardware possibilities and investment opportunities in the field of casting in Iran. However, we are confronted with a problem in the country with regard to appropriately utilizing these facilities due to lack of relevant know-how and organization skills. Casting parts, after oil and steel, rank third in the world in terms of trade volume, and casting industry is among the largest global industries of the 21st century.

Fars Rizan Mavad Company has set out to play its part in the casting industry by presenting suitable solutions and materials for purifying and modification of molten metal in addition to improving surface quality and mechanical properties of cast products. Our company is proud of having established a constructive relationship with Iran’s largest steel, cast iron, aluminum, and copper producing industries, as well as casting parts industries (cast iron, steel, copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, etc.).

Within the group of our companies, we have always worked towards becoming self-sufficient in producing casting additives, so that there would be no need to import these products. In so doing, we have mobilized our personnel with the motto “We can if we set our mind to it.”, and achieved considerable success in producing such products as high pressure die cast coatings, water-based coatings, and small size sleeves for automobile parts. It is hoped that in the near future we can domestically produce all the parts required by casting industries in Iran so as to save foreign exchange and to reassure domestic production units that we can supply their required parts within the country.