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To contact a Technical Sales Engineer directly please send your enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you may send your enquiries via the form provided or feel free to contact us at the contact details given below.

Head Office: Unit 2, No. 17, Laleh 9, Laleh Blvd., Marzdaran Blvd., Tehran 1461874115 Iran
Tel: 0098 (21) 44256325 Fax: 0098 (21) 44255927

Factory: No. 23, 17th Street, Kaveh Industrial City, Saveh, Iran
Tel: 0098 (864) 2345021-3 Fax: 0098 (864) 2345024

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Fars Rizan Mavad Company established in 1975 in Kaveh Industrial City, Saveh, Iran, and has since produced various kinds of casting additives in accordance with BS and ASTM standards under the technical and executive management of its expert directors.

Continuous improvement of the quality management system, meeting customer demands and expectations, increasing production efficiency, and training employees for improving product quality, are the general policies followed by Fars Rizan Mavad. As the first and the biggest producer of casting additives in Iran, Fars Rizan Mavad proudly maintains its high expert profile as a major supplier of these materials to the Iranian casting industries.

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