Products List

Tundish boards are the disposable boards used to form an inner lining for continuous casting. FRM manufacturs variety of high quality tundish boards with the brand name of Farnex®.


Farnex® boards are available in acidic, basic or duplex variety depending on required needs.


Good insulating properties of the Farnex results in consistent temperature of the liquid steel. Farnex improves the quality of steel by providing fresh board lining. It also improves turnaround time significantly by removing the long preheating process thus, enhances productivity.





Farsil® and Farpack® are supplementary products for Farnex.

Farsil for sealing the joints between Farnex side boards and eliminating the liquid metal leakage behind the Farnex boards.

Farpack is a packing mass used to seal around the nozzles.

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