Ferrous Additives


FRM provides a wide range products for metals treatment for both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys foundries.

FRM`s treatment products depended on your demands, can perform as a barrier against gas absorption, cleansing, and modifying agent to improve the efficiency and preventing casting defects such as:

  • Gas Defects
  • Metallurgical Defects

FRM`s ferrous metal treatment products are generally as listed below for more information contact us.

  • Cast iron inoculants
  • Deoxidation products
  • Desulfurizing powders
  • Inclusion removing products


Cast iron inoculants FR inocolant 1CMB, FR inocolant 1CMC
Anti-piping powders
FR coverex 707, FR coverex 250N & FR dex
Exothermic powder for feeding efficiency
FR feed 50 & FR feed 100M
Deoxidation products
FR tube L1
Inclusion removing products
FR fero 8, 12 & 146
Desulfurizing powders
FR desulfex 2