Water Based & Alcohol Based Coattings

FRM provides a wide range of coatings for both ferrous and non ferrous foundries.

It is essential to coat the sand or permanent moulds surfaces which is in contact with molten metal. The molten metal, which flows into theses moulds, is highly aggressive, and casting integrity can be adversely affected by undesired interactions with the substrate.

FRM`s coating products are designed to provide a perfect surface finish for both ferrous and non ferrous foundries. These refractory coatings provide a protective barrier between the molten metal and the mould or core substrate. This barrier ensures the integrity of the as-cast surface of the finished component

to prevent casting defects such as:


  • Metal Penetration
  • Sand burn-on
  • Sand wash
  • Poor Casting Strip
  • Mould Erosion
  • Gas Defects
  • Metal / Mould Reactions
  • Sand Expansion Defects
  • Metallurgical Defects


Coatings for steel foundry

For moulds and cores of different sections and weights in steel castings. FRM provides a wide range of coatings for any type of steel such as manganese and heat resistant steels.


Coatings for iron foundry

For moulds and cores of different sections and weights in cast iron and grey iron castings.










Coatings for non-ferrous casting

  • A range of water and solvent based coating products for aluminium and copper casting applications.
  • permanent mould coatings which are blends of insulating and/or lubricating refractory materials.                                                                                                                  FRM range of coatings are as follows:

Alcohol-based coatings for low carbon steel and alloy steels.

FR flow 100, 200, 300, 400, FR cote 55S, FR cote 55Z, FR mold 30Z,   FR cote 55, FR cote 55Z

Alcohol-based coatings for manganese steel

FR mold 31MT, FR cote 31P

Water-based coatings for steels, billet casting and tools dressing

FR paint 256, FR tec 310, FR cote 110 &        EX 110

Alcohol-based coatings for cast irons

FR mold 100M, FR mold 6,  EXM11 , Alcote & Alcote B

Alcohol-based coatings for heat resistant steels

FR mold 100

Coatings for billet and slab casting


Water-based coatings for cast irons

FR cote Ultima, FR cote Prime, FR cote XL, FR cote BD, FR tec 150, FR tec 210, FR paint 212, FR cote W210

Water-based die coatings for low-pressure and gravity castings of aluminum and its alloys.

FR dy 6ESS, 11, 34, 39, 140ESS, 87M

Die coatings and anti-welding/soldering lubricants for die casting of aluminum alloys

FR  dy 98, FR lub 1, & HYKOGEEN CP43

Coatings for gravity casting of brass

FR dy 61 & 61M

Coatings for hot forging

FR  dy 20M, 21M, 21MT

full mould coatings for cast irons

FR foam T20, FR  foam 702FM

Water-based coatings for centrifugal casting of cast irons

FR cote spin

Water-based coatings for casting of aluminum and its alloys

FR tec 150 & FR tec 460

Coating for rollers of the rolling process

FR cote 20R